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 Butterflies Dancing Perinatal Support

I am so happy you are here...

Butterflies Dancing Perinatal Support offers a variety of services to help families bond with their little ones during the prenatal and postpartum time. Connection from conception, focusing on those first 1001 days and creating a healthy, loving secure attachment for children to thrive. I believe in the importance of offering a proactive approach to support families in addressing parent mental wellness, motherhood challenges and improve maternal and infant outcomes.


My hope is to create space for families to just be. A safe non-judgemental space that is inclusive and supportive, where parents can experience love and acceptance as they navigate through parenthood.  May you become informed and develop a chance to create intentional healthy and loving relationships that have a life-long impact for your family. 

I feel honored to be able to contribute my expertise to women and families.

 "May you find joy through dance, bond with your baby and connect with your community" - Amie

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